Why you should paint your roof?

Roof coatings offer more than just an aesthetic enhancement; they also provide valuable advantages, including safeguarding against weather-related harm and enhancing energy efficiency. Applying a new coat of paint serves as a shield against detrimental UV rays, wind, and rain, elongating the roof's lifespan and diminishing the necessity for costly fixes. Moreover, specific varieties of roof paint possess heat-reflective properties, contributing to a cooler interior and reduced energy expenses.


Replace Broken Tiles
Replace Damaged Mortar On Ridge Tiles
Clean And Repair Flashings
Clean And Repair Valley Flashings
Wash Roof
Apply A Sealer To The Roof
Apply 2 Coats Of Roof Acrylic To The Roof

roof coating


Sand Roof to Remove all Loose and Flaking Paint
Secure All Loose Roof Screws
Waterproof Roof Screws and Side Laps
Wash Roof
Treat Roof against Rust
Apply Undercoat
Apply 2 Coats Roof Acrylic

industrial roof coating

Corrugated Metal Roof

Revitalize and protect metal roofs With Roof Guys, the high build aluminum-modified epoxy mastic.

1. Proven Performance: With a track record of exceptional field performance, boasts superior adhesion properties, making it ideal for application on marginally prepared rusted steel and old coatings.

2. Multi-Benefit Formula: This self-priming epoxy coating offers outstanding water and chemical resistance, providing excellent corrosion protection against a wide range of substances. Plus, it’s USDA acceptable for incidental contact in food processing and packaging plants, making it a safe choice.

3. Efficiency and Flexibility: Experience minimum substrate preparation and a minimum number of coats required. Its high film build allows you to achieve up to 625 microns in just one coat, saving you time and effort.

Corrugated roof coating


• Superior chemical resistance
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Resistance to seawater and salt spray
• Short curing time and touch dry
• Good surface tolerance and adhesion properties
• Excellent coverage
• Range of colours available

• Extended life expectancy and performance of structures
• Minimized downtime and shorter return to service time
• Easy and efficient application methods
• Excellent aesthetic properties

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